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Live in Shipley – Saturday 26th March 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 16.11.16Live albums, eh. As artists become increasingly reliant on their live shows to bring in the cash a live album is the next best thing for hard up music fans who miss out thanks to rapidly increasing ticket prices and “secondary market entrepreneurs”.

But they’re tricky purchases even for the committed music fan. For every Nirvana Unplugged or The Who Live at Leeds there’s Having Fun With Elvis on Stage (just the talky bits from Elvis at various concerts… as an album) or Vanilla Ice Extremely Live.  Continue reading Live in Shipley – Saturday 26th March 2016

Gurgles – Saturday 27th February 2016

For our next event we are delighted to welcome Bradford-based band Gurgles as hosts for the evening. They will be choosing the records they love and that have influenced their own, unique sound. We’re also hoping that the band will join us for our March edition of the Record Club radio show on BCB Radio.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 19.07.29Gurgles describe themselves as “Bradfordprogpop” and features Gus Bousfield (also of Mucky Sailor, ex of Nope and the writer of a myriad of music for tv and radio), Nanette Brimble and Bradley Cunningham… Continue reading Gurgles – Saturday 27th February 2016

Record Club at The Movies – 28th November 2015

Record Club at the Movies
With some very high profile cinematic releases happening over the next few months, we thought it was high time that Record Club went  to the movies.  After all, Bradford *is* the first UNESCO City of Film and has a proud cinematic heritage. We also share our home with the fine Shipley Film Society. There really was no excuse!

Continue reading Record Club at The Movies – 28th November 2015

Vet Sounds – Saturday 26th September 2015

Vet Sounds 26th SeptemberReturning refreshed after the summer break, our next event will be Vet Sounds, or animal based music if you’d prefer.

Our central album will be Commune from Swedish fusion experimentalists Goat. Described as engimatic, psychadelic and astonishing, this album is also on “crazy splatter vinyl” and has been put forward by RC regular Andy. We’ll make sure we get a few pictures of that on the facebook page, for sure. We love a crazy splatter vinyl record at Record Club.

That won’t be all, of course… Continue reading Vet Sounds – Saturday 26th September 2015

Merseybeat and the Sounds of Liverpool – 25th July 2015

Merseybeat and the sound of LiverpoolThe next in our irregular city-based themed nights will be about Liverpool on Saturday 25th July.

Named by The Guinness Book of Records as the City of Pop and by a 2008 Arts Council survey as the UK’s most musical city, Liverpool has a rich, varied and massively influential musical history.  While the Fab Four will obviously spring to mind when thinking about the city’s musical pedigree, the list of bands and artists that have contributed to Liverpool’s reputation stretches wider than the Mersey. Continue reading Merseybeat and the Sounds of Liverpool – 25th July 2015