7 x 7 Night – Saturday 26th November

7 x 7 inch singles

Ah the 7 inch single. Three minutes of magic. Pure pop joy on a black plastic disc….

For our final event of 2016, this month we celebrate the wonder of the 7 inch single with the night devoted to 7 people each playing, well 7 of them. Although we know its been done before elsewhere, thanks to Darren we are bringing it Record Club.

Thats 49 tunes to enjoy. Three and half hours worth. It’s Shipley’s best (only?) jukebox.  And with 7 people playing them there’s sure to be a massive variety of music to enjoy.

When this was put out to folk attending the Charity Shop Finds night back in September it didn’t take long for our volunteers to emerge, so much so that we now have waiting list!

But please don’t let that deter you from coming along. The lure of top tunes, superb company, an excellent bar and the warm, dusty sound of the finest (and not so finest) vinyl should be reasons enough to make sure you don’t miss it.

You know the drill by now. We’ll kick off by 8pm at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley, £3 entry donation on the door to help cover our costs.

See you there!

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