Rock v Rap Showdown- Saturday 29th October 2016

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-10-17-52We thought we’d dedicate an night to all things Rock, all things Rap and all things Rock/Rap. Perhaps not the musical smackdown suggested by Andy’s brilliant artwork but you have to have an angle, eh…!

Expect to go beyond the bounds of the obvious (apparently rap doesn’t start and end with Public Enemy, who knew!) but as ever you shape the night. Bring along your albums, 7″s, 12″s and anything else vinyl-based with a Rock and/or Rap influence. Perhaps this? This? This? Or err…maybe even this? Or something else, perhaps.

Play it on our lovely new pre-loved turntables and mixer. We may even have a flashing light or two (I know – giddy!).

The usual gubbins applies. £3 on the door makes sure we just about cover our costs. There’s a card/cash bar serving brilliant beers, wines and soft drinks. And we’ll also stock up a bit more on the pakora as they sold out like the proverbial last month.

See you from 8pm at the Kirkgate Centre, Shipley. Bring the Noize!

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