Upcoming Events

Events and radio shows. We keep busy!

You can join in at our themed events on the first Saturday of the month. We hold them upstairs at The Triangle, 47 Bradford Road in Shipley.

2022 Dates (Saturday 8pm):

8th Jan; 5th Feb; 5th March; 2nd April; 7th May; 4th June; 2nd July; 6th Aug; 3rd Sept; 1st Oct; 5th Nov; 3rd Dec.

Keep your eyes on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts for up to date information about themes.

Past Events

Want to know what we got up to in the past? Try our past events page – we’ve run over 100 events since we started in 2011. And we run three Record Fairs each year too…


2021 Radio Shows on BCB 106.6FM (9pm-10pm)

Our radio show is on a Tuesday evening at 9pm on BCB Radio every four weeks (although they do repeat us frequently) and you can hear all the past shows on our mixcloud page. Tune in on 106.6FM in Bradford, “BCB Radio” on an internet radio thingy or bcbradio.co.uk on your browser of choice.

Our radio show dates for 2022 (Tuesday 9pm):

11th Jan; 8th Feb; 8th Mar; 5th Apr; 3rd May; 31st May; 28th June; 26th July; 23rd Aug; 20th Sep; 18th Oct; 15th Nov; 13th Dec.

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