Record Club at The Movies – 28th November 2015

Record Club at the Movies
With some very high profile cinematic releases happening over the next few months, we thought it was high time that Record Club went  to the movies.  After all, Bradford *is* the first UNESCO City of Film and has a proud cinematic heritage. We also share our home with the fine Shipley Film Society. There really was no excuse!

Our guest curator, Darren, has selected a couple of movie soundtracks which will form the centrepiece of the evening. There will also, of course, be *plenty* of opportunity for people to play their own choices (as long as you bring them along!) during the free play sections. Especially welcome would be soundtracks or songs from movies filmed in or around Bradford or with a Bradford connection.

Wicker ManDarren’s first choice is side one of the sound track from the respected 1973 Brit-horror The Wicker Man. Composed by Paul Giovanni, the soundtrack is integral to the narrative of the film, comprising of traditional and specifically written folk songs, some of which have been covered by contemporary artists including Doves and Sneaker Pimps.
It was not until 1998 that this soundtrack finally became available as an album to buy, pulled from the original music and effects tapes held at Pinewood studios.

The second choice will be selections from the soundtrack to Phantasm, the bonkers early 1979 horror which was a mainstay (at least for this author) at most 11 year old’s video birthday parties in the early ’80s. The film was directed by much-loved horror and fantasy director Don Coscarelli, who went on to direct three sequels over the next 20 years (a fifth Phantasm is due for release in 2016). The soundtrack, composed by Fred Myron and Malcom Seagrave, has recently been released on vinyl for the first time in 35 years and has gained a considerable following over that time.

But it’s not all horror! The rest of the evening will be up to you. The only stipulation will be to play music *from* films, not the hoary old “music inspired by…” albums which were always an excuse for record companies to foist all sorts of nonsense on the unsuspecting punter!

Another great evening is in store. We’ve often talked about doing a soundtrack evening and we can’t wait for this one. All the usual gubbins applies – 8pm at the Kirkgate Centre, £3 entry (suggested donation – literally to cover our costs). A cash bar, pakora, delightful company (i.e. you).

See you at the movies!

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