Heaven and Hell 31st October 2015

Heaven and Hell

With Record Club’s October event falling on Hallowe’en this year we thought we’d put our own spin on the ghosts and ghoulies theme by holding a Heaven & Hell night, as we set out to discover whether the devil really does have all the best tunes or, as the Pixies put it, “In Heaven, everything is fine…”

We’ll be holding one of our popular free play nights for this battle of good versus evil, which means three and half hours of hugely diverse, entertaining music, all played on vinyl through nice loud speakers. And you get to display your choices on the laser display screen (well… chalk and blackboard).

The success of Record Club free play events hinge on the fantastic range of records that folk bring along on the night. Some of them you’ll have heard before, some you won’t. Some of it you’ll love, some… well…! But you will definitely come away having heard something new that you’ll want to follow up.

While we can’t guarantee to whip up a Disco Inferno with everything that gets played we are absolutely looking to you for suggestions and, of course, to bring along the all important vinyl to play on the night. Frankly, it’s up to you! And we love tenuous connections for our themes at Record Club, so get creative and please join the discussion on our website (recordclub.org.uk), Facebook page (facebook.com/therecordclub) or on twitter (@therecordclub).

So, is Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven Is A Place on Earth your idea of music hell? Perhaps playing Bat out of Hell is Just Like Heaven? Maybe God Gave Rock n Roll to You? And did you heed Cliff’s warning about the Devil Woman? We can’t wait to find out.

Record Club’s Heaven & Hell night will take place on Saturday October 31st at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley. Doors open at 8pm and there’s a suggested entry donation on the door of £3. Drinks and snacks will be available from the bar. To reassure you, please note that Robbie William’s Angels will not be played

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