Vet Sounds – Saturday 26th September 2015

Vet Sounds 26th SeptemberReturning refreshed after the summer break, our next event will be Vet Sounds, or animal based music if you’d prefer.

Our central album will be Commune from Swedish fusion experimentalists Goat. Described as engimatic, psychadelic and astonishing, this album is also on “crazy splatter vinyl” and has been put forward by RC regular Andy. We’ll make sure we get a few pictures of that on the facebook page, for sure. We love a crazy splatter vinyl record at Record Club.

That won’t be all, of course…As well as the usual opportunity for free play during the evening, which we expect to be very wide and varied this month (we’re counting on you), we need at least one more album to play on the night. So it’s a good chance to roll out the good old Record Club album vote again.

Which is where you come in. Please suggest an album or two with an animal based theme (yes, birds count), be it group/artist name, album name or even a concept about animals and we can put it up to the vote on this here website page. One condition – it must be available to play on the night on vinyl. We’ll start the ball rolling with Adam Ant’s Friend or Foe. Careful – if you don’t suggest anything, it might win.

Drop us a line via the website down below, via twitter (@therecordclub) or facebook and we’ll get a vote going in the next week or so. Try to be in touch before Saturday 12th September to give us a decent run up on this.

All that remains to be said is the usual – we’ll be on at the lovely Kirkgate Centre in Shipley from 8pm on Saturday 26th September and it’ll set you back a paltry £3. Good beers, wines, soft drinks and pakoras will be on offer too. And dazzling company.

See you there!

3 thoughts on “Vet Sounds – Saturday 26th September 2015”

  1. OK, here’s few albums from my shelves that have animalish artistes or titles that you might choose from to put up for the vote;
    1. Bunny Wailer – Protest (his second solo album after leaving The Wailers. Still reggae but with a bit of a funky edge)
    2. Polar Bear – Same As You (cutting edge British jazz led by wonder drummer Seb Rochford with electronics from Leafcutter John)
    3. Henry Cow – Unrest (often challenging and experimental)
    4. Malcolm MacLaren – Duck Rock (the great manipulator channelling the spirit of early hiphop and even getting a hit single!)
    5. Little Feat – Dixie Chicken (Lowell George’s landmark album of New Orleans influenced R&B)
    But I won’t be offended if you don’t use any of them…


    1. I’ve also just found a 12inch of Sudden Sway’s eccentric Let’s Evolve (from a Peel session in the early 80s). It’s definitely coming with me!


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