Merseybeat and the Sounds of Liverpool – 25th July 2015

Merseybeat and the sound of LiverpoolThe next in our irregular city-based themed nights will be about Liverpool on Saturday 25th July.

Named by The Guinness Book of Records as the City of Pop and by a 2008 Arts Council survey as the UK’s most musical city, Liverpool has a rich, varied and massively influential musical history.  While the Fab Four will obviously spring to mind when thinking about the city’s musical pedigree, the list of bands and artists that have contributed to Liverpool’s reputation stretches wider than the Mersey.

To celebrate  Liverpool’s musical heritage we are hoping to have Steve Vernon as our curator for the night. He has promised a night of music that will stretch across the decades, so if you were thinking it was going to be just a night of The Beatles and Gerry & The Pacemakers then think again! Steve has curated nights for Record Club before and it’s great to have him back again, his enthusiasm and depth of knowledge is fantastic and we look forward to thoroughly enjoyable night.

As ever, I’m sure we we will find space during the evening for a free-play section among Steve’s selections, so please do bring along your own Mersey related records.

So, see you on 25th July, 8pm at the Kirkgate Centre.

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