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Merseybeat and the Sounds of Liverpool – 25th July 2015

Merseybeat and the sound of LiverpoolThe next in our irregular city-based themed nights will be about Liverpool on Saturday 25th July.

Named by The Guinness Book of Records as the City of Pop and by a 2008 Arts Council survey as the UK’s most musical city, Liverpool has a rich, varied and massively influential musical history.  While the Fab Four will obviously spring to mind when thinking about the city’s musical pedigree, the list of bands and artists that have contributed to Liverpool’s reputation stretches wider than the Mersey. Continue reading Merseybeat and the Sounds of Liverpool – 25th July 2015

Space – 28th February, 2015, 8pm, at the Kirkgate Centre


**Updated with voting buttons 22 Feb**
As Ballboy once sang Space is brilliant! It’s so vast above our heads, such a place to marvel, to be inspired by – and so silent.

Space is also something we see around us every day back on terra firma. It’s what’s immediately around us. It what’s in our heads.

The possibilities of space are limitless.

We would like to try and have a Record Club that covers that breadth, that marvel – and unlike space, people feel they can just go to it….

Continue reading Space – 28th February, 2015, 8pm, at the Kirkgate Centre

New Vinyl

Vinyl record sales are at their highest levels for more than a decade. Boosted by events such as Record Store Day, vinyl records are having somewhat of a resurgence.

So, to try get away from an image of a few “old” blokes sat in a darkened room reminiscing about the good old days (not that there’s anything wrong with that), we thought it might be a good opportunity to embrace the new, and celebrate the continued success of our much loved format.

Heck, it might even be fun to listen to some new vinyl without years worth of scratches.

So with the help of Record Club regular, Andy, we restricted this event to vinyl people have bought since the start of record club in September 2010.

To kick start things Andy chose Restless Idylls by Tropic of Cancer (2013). The vote for the other albums to be played on the night, resulted in us hearing the latest fromMogwai and Neko Case.


The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR


Rave Tapes






New Vinyl

In “Record club plays something from this year” shocker, it was great to hear Mogwai (again). This is their 8th studio album, and the winnner of the poll for our New Vinyl event.

Restless Idylls

Restless Idylls - Tropic Of Cancer

Restless Idylls – Tropic Of Cancer




New Vinyl

“Restless Idylls is the debut album by Tropic of Cancer.
It consists of eight new recordings, written and performed by Camella Lobo in Los Angeles, with additional production from Karl O’Connor (Regis) in New York and London. It marks ToC’s return to Blackest Ever Black two years after the three-track EP The Sorrow Of Two Blooms, the label’s third release and one if its most cherished. “

The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You

The Worse Things Get... - Neko Case

Neko Case




New Vinyl

How one man manged to vote 18 times to get this record on our New Vinyl playlist I’ll never know, but I’m very glad he did.