Punk’s Not Dead – Saturday 3rd February 2018


“The Record Club believe that Punk’s Not Dead and we want you to come and share your memories and records with us.”

When the Sex Pistols collapsed on that fateful tour of the USA in 1978, some proclaimed that Punk was dead. But their brief riot of recordings and gigs was just a blink of the eye in the storm that Punk would eventually become.

The changes in fashion and taste would see the advent of New Wave, Post Punk, Powerpop and other labels dreamt up by the journos of Sounds and NME. The music had changed forever…

There may have been casualties along the way but the likes of The Slits’ Ari Up and The Clash’s Joe Strummer have cemented their status in the Punk Rock Walk of Fame and we are here to light the touch paper that sets the night alight with a celebration of punk rock in all its guises and trends.

To this day, Punk’s legacy is alive in the functioning bands that fill the ever-expanding line ups of the Rebellion and Nice n Sleazy festivals which take over the northern seaside towns in the summer.

The Record Club believe that Punk’s Not Dead and we want you to come and share your memories and (vinyl) records with us.  The night will be a showcase of the best punk music from pioneers like MC5, The Sonics and New York Dolls to the Brit contingent of The Stranglers, Stiff Little Fingers, Sham 69 and US Punk Rock from Dead Kennedys, Fugazi, Husker Du and much more.

220px-Damned_Strawberries_CoverThe Record Club will be highlighting The Damned with a special play of their Strawberries album in glorious red vinyl and there’ll be a music quiz with collectable punk themed vintage MOJO magazines up for grabs.

Come and share in the filth and the fury for one night only when we play it loud from 8pm on Saturday 3rd February at The Triangle, 47 Bradford Road, Shipley BD18 3DS.  

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