3 Little Letters – 25th June 2016

The June event is based round the theme of three little letters.

How many bands, artists, songs and albums of you know which consist of just three letters? When we discussed it we realised that there are, frankly, loads! So we’ll have a night of them.

Rob is picking up one of the album choices for this one. Along with an album vote for the second one (please bring along your choice to add to the voting pile!) there will also be plenty of room for free play choices from everybody else. Here is what Rob has chosen…

ABC – Beauty Stab (1983)

abc-beauty_stabA year after their hugely successful debut album, fans and critics alike were expecting Lexicon of Love 2. That didn’t arrive for another 33 years and instead what was offered was the rockier, angrier, Beauty Stab. Gone were the lush strings, Trevor Horn’s widescreen production and Martin Fry gold lamé suit was awaiting collection at the dry cleaners. Skipping the hearts and flowers and ivory towers, Beauty Stab was far more concerned with the state of “Britain 1983”, best summed up in the track United Kingom (“This rusted,busted, upper crusted; rusted, busted, done and dusted; no man to be trusted, United Kingdom”).

Misunderstood and underrated by many at the time, it certainly wasn’t the easy crowd pleasing route taken by early 1980’s contemporaries Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet, with critic Simon Reynolds claiming it to be one of the great career sabotage LPs in pop history.  But it has gathered a following. Sounding more akin to Roxy Music c. Manifesto (ex Roxy session players Andy Newmark and Alan Spenner appear throughout) Beauty Stab is ripe for reappraisal by those who had written it off, while those who liked it all along can smile inwardly and bite their tongue.


Vote for Album 2!

Album 2 is up to you! Bring along your choice and we’ll put the final list up for the vote. The winning album will be played around 10pm.

So, with just two albums there is plenty of space for free play tracks from everyone else. What are you going to bring? ELO, REM, NWA, OMD, NIN, XTC, LUH, KLF? Cud, A-ha, Dio, Yes, Ash, Bis, Can,  Bob, Wah!? And as we can excuse the definite article, how about The Jam, The Orb, The Who? And there must be plenty of songs. Jackson 5’s ABC of course. And who is going to own up to having a copy of Mel & Kim’s FLM!?

Find out at the Kirkgate Centre, from 8pm on Saturday June 25th. Vinyl, good company, good bar and snack. £3 suggested entry donation. C U L 8 R… oh hang on that’s 5…

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