33 1/3 Revolutions (Protest Songs) – Saturday 28th May 2016

33 1/3 Revolutions Record Club

At the Kirkgate Centre this month Buffet Disco, BCB Radio presenter and Record Club regular Maria is presenting a night of protest songs on vinyl and she has selected three diverse albums on this theme that will challenge and delight in equal measure. In addition to Maria’s choices there’ll also be plenty of time for your own protest songs on vinyl for the free play sections scattered throughout the night. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave some comments or get in touch through facebook, twitter or email. And make sure you bring them along!

Want to know more? Here’s Maria to tell us more about her choices…

Music has a long and rich history as a platform for social and political commentary and protest.  Music motivates, interrogates and educates us. 33 1/3 Revolutions will be an evening of music that stands up and speaks out.

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (1971)

marvin gaye whats going onWe start with a classic record that explores suffering and injustice from the perspective if a veteran returning from the Vietnam war. Questioning war, poverty, hatred and injustice, this is a surprisingly  experimental concept album, and is also credited with being one of the first to comment on global warming. And if that’s not enough – voice like velvet.

Sleaford Mods – Divide and Exit (2014)

sleaford mods divide and exitOne of The Guardian’s top ten albums of 2014, they called it ‘vituperative’, a word I had to Google.  I’m amused they used such a pretentious word to describe the pulverising language of a duo who say ‘cunt’ a lot. Sleaford Mods’ mix of social observation, class commentary and snide remarks propelled them into the mainstream. Not everyone can get on board with the idea of a simultaneously angry / funny man ranting over music blasted from a laptop, but I bloody love them. 

Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control (2006)

gossip standing in the way of controlThis album doesn’t fit the theme in an obvious way, but Gossip have always been outspoken about ‘fat pride’, feminism  and LGBT rights. The anthemic title track is a rousing, rallying cry against homophobia and Bush-led objection to marriage laws for same sex couples. Produced by Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto, this LP is musically and lyrically raw yet soulful, and overwhelmingly  positive in its themes that we should all stand up for who we are.

So, to hear these and many more make sure you get down to the Kirkgate Centre from 8pm on Saturday 28th May. Entrance donation is £3 (purely to cover our costs). There’s a card and cash bar serving brilliant beers, wine, soft drinks or a cuppa if you fancy it. And we’ll see if we can locally source some of Bradford’s finest pakoras. See you there!

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