A not quite Christmas special

This was our last club before Christmas 2011. We decided to mark the festive season with 3 great vinyl albums – but probably none of them would be by Slade, Shakin’ Stevens, or Wizzard. Then again perhaps that was what the punters wanted. We asked  people to  consider what they might bring along:

  • Maybe it’s something you’d like to receive, or give?
  • Maybe it something that just fits this time of year?
  • Maybe it’s the anti-dote to commercial Christmas?
  • Maybe it’s something you were given many years ago?

In the end, The Pogues made it due to some synchronicity of thought between a couple of people, both brining an album along. Moondog made it cos it seemed different and because he had a long white beard (honestly!), and Lennon seemed a popular choice – with the added bonus of only having one Christmas song on the album, right at the end.

45s and 12″ filled out the night with Dean McPhee‘s single going down well – you cansee him live on the 10th December. Mazzy Star’s Flowers in December seemed to be a hit, but Abba’s Happy New Year, not so…ach well, Daz will be back for the next one, so maybe we’ll get some tastier 45s.

The massive pile of old NME papers went down well. Something for everyone in there. Listening to records and reading the NME, takes me back.

See you in Jan.


The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR


If I Should Fall from Grace with God

If I Should Fall from Grace with God - The Pogues

The Pogues



Playing around with the Christmas theme, Stu turned up with ‘Rum Sodomy & the Lash’, an album by the band with that Christmas song, but without the Christmas song on it. At the same time, the album with the Christmas song on also turned up, so that cemented The Pogues as one of the records of the night. But which one? The Christmas song won the day.

Shaved Fish

Shaved Fish - John Lennon

John Lennon



This compilation album ends with “Happy Xmas (War is Over) / Give Peace A Chance (Reprise)”, so it’s not a bad choice around Christmas time. A bit of Lennon seemed like a good concensus choice for ending the evening, so that was that.

Viking of Sixth Avenue

Viking of Sixth Avenue - Moondog




Moondog made the cut for the ‘A not quite Christmas special’ event, quite shamefully, because he looked a bit like Santa with his long white beard.

Highly recommended by a couple of the people at the event, for most of us this was pleasing new ground. Well worth checking out.

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