The Sound of Detroit

We went with a Detroit theme for the October event.

We took some suggestions, but also found Tam and Lee, (and their vinyl collections), and their love of Detroit sounds, so they helped get the evening going.

There are some photos of the event in the gallery, and by all accounts the night was the usual mix of good music, good people and  a good bar. See you at November’s event.


This might be of interest to anyone wondering what the sound of Detroit might be:

Suggestions, links, comments below.


The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR


Fun House

The Stooges - Fun House

The Stooges



This was played at the Detroit night event. If it’s Detroit, then there’s gotta be some Stooges.

I think I bought my copy from somewhere in London. It’s still got the shrink wrap sleeve on.


Stevie Wonder - Innervisions

Stevie Wonder



I know nothing about this album and wasn’t at the event where it was played, so you’ll have to fill in the gaps for yourselves!

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