London Calling

As Stu and Lucy were leaving and moving to London the next day, it seemed fitting that we used January’s Record Club to mark their move, and we thought why not do that with a ‘London’ theme. Both have been instrumental in getting Record Club going, so for that, and many other reasons, we’re sad to see then go.

Still we had a good time, kicking the evening off with the Clash’s London Calling in it’s entirety. (Yep, a whole double album!)

Unhalfbricking got a nice introduction from Stu – we’re still not sure if we played his mum’s copy, his dad’s copy, or one his dad got by nefarious means.

Various London themed singles and album tracks filled out the night. A bit of Madness, a bit of punk, some Motorhead live at Hammersmith, etc

Abbey Road by the Beatles was the last album of the night, with an original copy from Stu’s mum getting an outing. This was the record she bought with her first hi-fi because ‘it had good bass’.

A few singles later, (and some dancing – yeah, I know!) we closed the night with West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys.

Good fun.

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The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR


Abbey Road

Abbey Road - The Beatles

The Beatles



This was played at the January 2012 event.

We had an original copy from Stu’s mum and it sounded great.

London Calling

London Calling - The Clash

The Clash



The perfect sound track for friends as they make a life changing move to the smoke?


Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking

Fairport Convention



Stu says:

“Great cover photo taken in Wimbledon and one of my favourite albums EVER. I have my dad’s vinyl copy too. Is that ok? Great mix of trad and modern,different tempos,ace singing and some sing-a-longs and amazing instrumental sections. It’s brill!”

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