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Desert Island Vinyl, 30th May 2015

Record Club Desert Island VinylDesert Island Vinyl is the theme for our May event. On Saturday May 30th we need six willing volunteers to take to the deck for 30 minutes each, sharing the records they would take with them to a Desert Island. Sound familiar? Maybe a bit. Here’s how to get involved…

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Undercover – 25th April, 2015 8pm

Our April record club meeting gives us a chance to listen to music as covered by other artists, with a bit of a focus on David Bowie. Have they brought out new fresh insights … or just destroyed the strengths of the originals? Tonight you’ll hear David Bowie cover his favourite UK artists from 1964-1967 in the first of two planned Bowie 1960’a nostalgia albums (the second never surfaced). You’ll also hear renowned drummer Dylan Howe’s recent take on Bowie’s 1970’s Berlin period. The third album choice have tracks that cover the full gamut of weird, wonderful and Wet Wet Wet. And of course there are the tracks that *you* will be bringing along…? 

Record Club Goes Undercover

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Space – 28th February, 2015, 8pm, at the Kirkgate Centre


**Updated with voting buttons 22 Feb**
As Ballboy once sang Space is brilliant! It’s so vast above our heads, such a place to marvel, to be inspired by – and so silent.

Space is also something we see around us every day back on terra firma. It’s what’s immediately around us. It what’s in our heads.

The possibilities of space are limitless.

We would like to try and have a Record Club that covers that breadth, that marvel – and unlike space, people feel they can just go to it….

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Le Tour Bandwagon

The Grand Depart of the Tour De France was just one week away when Record Club came around in June, so, like the rest of the world, wwe jumped on the bandwagon to create a playlist from the records brought along with a loose connection to the Tour De France, Yorkshire, cycling, etc.

We we’re not dissappointed as our punters were as broad or as obtuse as any Yorkshire folk should be. We had everything from the obvious – Pink Floyd: Bike, to the tenous – Echo and the Bunny Men: Killing Moon, and the inventive, All: Exercise.

Some great photos of the night were takien by Simon Sugden:

Full track listing will appear below soon.


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The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR


Tour De France

Tour De France - Kraftwerk




We only played the 12″ of this – but it had to be done for the Tour De france night.

Record Store Day, 2014

Record Store Day 2014 came and went, and some Record clubbers got up very early and grabbed their Record Store day bargains, while others trotted along later and took their pick of what was left, while others just didn’t bother at all!

We ended up with a “diverse evening’s entertainment ranging from Rammstein to Spacemen 3 to early Adam and the Ants to, umm, Baccara (it seemed like a good idea at the time!)” as one fella posted on Facebook.

Yes sir, we sure can boogie!




The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR

Telephone: 01274 580186


Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie - Baccara




Just because…