Nordic Nights – Saturday 1st June 2019

Nordic Nights_RC

Hey you up there, you with 24 hours of sunshine in the summer and long dark nights in the winter. Yes you, you have a rich history of music. Let’s celebrate it.

In fact, let’s celebrate it while a few of you are celebrating your countries. Yes, Sweden (6 June), Denmark (5 June) and Iceland (17 June) all celebrate their days of independence in June, so The Record Club have decided to honour all things viking in our very first Nordic night, called… Nordic Nights!

Bring along all your Nordic artists, or even some Nordic themed songs – Wonderful Copenhagen anyone? – on vinyl to play on the night. Whether that be Norwegian black metal, Swedish pop, Danish prog, Finnish goth or Icelandic… well, weirdness, it will be welcome on the Record Club turntables.

Apart from a small Scandi-mania! section, this will be a free play night and with a fine selection of beers and ciders at the Triangle, along with free Indian snacks, this will be a night you won’t want to miss. If that doesn’t spur you on to joining us, you’ll be red with embarrassment.


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