House is on Fire

In May, we played the vital vinyl that you’d rescue from the flames if your house was on fire.

For this event the turntable was at the mercy of the Record Club audience/members/punters. What would they save and why?

We had 8 people lined up, including: @boemason@LeeGoater@Mezandy@Danbliboos, Nagbea, Paul, Brian, and Bill, bringing along about 30 minutes worth of music on vinyl, to show, tell and play for the rest of us.

We ended up with Nagbea, Bill, Paul, Brian,  Andy, @boemason and  @LeeGoater. Set lists below:

Nagbea played:

  1. Sweet Gene Vincent (Ian Dury)
  2. King Creole(Elvis)
  3. Hot Diggity Dog(1910Fruit Gum Co)
  4. Cuz it’s You Girl (James Walsh Gypsy Band)
  5. Natural Mystic(White label Band Mix) (Bob Marley)
  6. Rudi’s in Love (Locomotive)
  7. Life of Copntradiction(Joe Higgs)
  8. 20 Seconds to Comply (Silver Bullet Band)
  9. Young Americans(Bowie)
  10. Groovy People (Lou Rawls)

Bill played:

  1. Joy Division – Transmission
  2. The Sisters of Mercy – Marian
  3. Grant Hart – All of my Senses
  4. Sonic Youth – Hyperstation
  5. Bob Dylan – Boots of Spanish Leather
  6. Throwing Muses – Hate my Way

Paul played:

  1. Stan Freberg – John and Marsha
  2. Faust – Exercise with several hands on a piano
  3. Faust – Exercise with voices, drum and sax
  4. Faust – Faslhback Caruso
  5. (All from The Faust Tapes)
  6. The Fall – War
  7. The Fall – Cab Driver
  8. Cabaret Voltaire – Just Fascination
  9. Devo – Social Fools
  10. Devo – Turn Around
  11. Stan Freberg – The Word is Waiting for the Sunrise

Andy (@Mezandy) played:

  1. Bob Tilton (side one of “wake me when it’s spring time again” 7″ ep) songs – My very own rope & Ring o’ roses
  2. Policy of 3 (side one of the “American woodworking” 7″) song – Nine years old
  3. Polaris (side one of the Polaris/ Baby harp seal split 7″) song – Monkey puzzle
  4. Bob Tilton (side two of above) songs – Veronica & Gears Turn
  5. Baby Harp Seal (side two of split 7″ with Polaris) song – If you Saw me
  6. Voorhees (split 7″ with Stalingrad) Song – Powertrip

Any questions? Contact us, or leave comments and suggestions below.


The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR


Gleatest Hits

Gleatest Hits - John Otway

John Otway



This is the album that gave us the title for the House is on Fire event in May 2012.

It will probably never get played in full at the record club – more’s the shame. I only got this recently, but had it on tape from about 1987 I reckon.

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