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1970 – Saturday 4th January 2020

As we cautiously enter a new decade, among our usual varied programme of themed nights for 2020 we will be holding three Re-Vision events dedicated to celebrating the music of 30, 40 and, for this event, 50 years ago.

On 4th January Record Club winds the clock back to 1970 to revisit the albums and songs of the time. It was the year The Beatles split up, that Concorde took its first supersonic flight and that Apollo 13 declared to Houston that they might have a problem. Closer to home Ted Heath became PM as 18yr olds were entitled to vote for the first time and the first ever Glastonbury Festival was held. But in the record racks of your nearest WHSmith were classics such as Bridge Over Troubled Water, Let it Be, Bitches Brew, Paranoid, The Man Who Sold The World…

Noel is picking up the reins of our first Re-Vision event with his personal choice of records from 1970 but he has promised to leave plenty of space for you to play your own selections, so please bring some along. The only criteria – that they were released in 1970 and you have it on vinyl.

We’ll be upstairs at The Triangle (47 Bradford Rd., Shipley) from 8pm and usually wind things down around 11.30pm). An amazing range of drinks are available to purchase from downstairs and we’ll try to provide a few free Indian snacks too. Everyone is welcome, those who’ve been before and those who have never come along but keep promising themselves they will. Hope to see you there!