Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) – Saturday 3rd November 2018


Each November all Mexico, and much of South America, celebrates Día de Muertos, the Day of the Dead when spirits walk among us. Families light candles in graveyards and welcome the spirits with their favourite foods. But it’s not gloomy…

… it’s a time to gather together remembering the past and having a party! Everywhere there are marigolds, cut-paper decorations and Catrina models, the shops are full of sugar skulls, the streets are full of people, many with skull face make-up or dressed as skeletons, and of course musicians play on every corner and in every bar.

This year Record Club has its own Día de Muertos celebration, setting up the Cantina upstairs in The Triangle. We’re encouraging everyone to look through their record collections for music with Mexican or South American connections; Mariachi bands, Cumbias or even Shakira. And since Día de Muertos is now inevitably mixed up with Halloween, any horror film soundtracks, Death Metal or otherwise unruly but atmospheric music will also be appreciated.

Join us at The Triangle from 8pm on Saturday 3rd November, bring some treasured vinyl (we’d love to hear it) or simply come up and listen. Entry is free and we provide free Indian Snacks to keep you going.

The Triangle has a vast collection of fine beers and many other drinks (including non-alcoholic) are available. We can’t promise you Mezcal or Tequila but we can offer a good night out with friendly folk (only some of them are walking dead…)

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