Numbers – Saturday 2nd June 2018


You can count on The Record Club to come up with a theme calculated to divide opinion. However, you could easily multiply your fun by coming to The Triangle from 8.00pm on Saturday 2ndJune, adding to our crowd, taking a beer (or two) and listening to a wide range of records that all feature numbers!

Tony will be using a sophisticated random number generator on the night to work out a pair of playlists sampling the work of two artists who have made numbers a total obsession:


Swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch has just brought out a new album of his “Ritual Groove Music” that has continued his pattern of naming all of his compositions as “Modul” numbers.




Richard D. James has recorded under many aliases but as Aphex Twin he released an album in late 2014 called “Syro” where every track included a cryptic numerical value.


However this is just a fraction of the evening. We’ll subtract nothing from the featured albums but on top of that we need you to share some of your own records. Don’t be shy; we’re all equals here and we’ll not differentiate. Numerous performers feature tracks with numbers in the titles and we’d like to hear your additions.

To sum up: plenty of digits but strictly no digital! Bring some of your numerical vinyl records and play them at our special numbers night. It can all add up to a great night out! 8pm at The Triangle, 47 Bradford Road, Shipley BD18 3DS.

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