Art School

How many great bands met at art school? We have no idea, but we reckon there are one or two of note.

Inspired by the Saltaire Arts Trail,  (not to mention the Ante event at the Kirkgate Centre at the start of the month, or the Hive Pop up Gallery in Shipley), we played three of the greatest ever albums by ‘art school’ bands at our event in May, and we’d like you to bring down tracks by your favourites.

To enhance the ‘art’ theme we also displayed some work by the artists from round ‘ere who are also record clubbers:

A few plucky punters also had a go at creating their own artworks on 12″ card.

There was a vote for the 3rd album to play between the Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, and The Pretty Things.

As for PJ Harvey – the popular vote on the night was a little unclear (boos, cheers and jazz hands!) so we went with the ‘as advertised’ Let England Shake, but also played a side and a bit of Rid of Me – not a bad solution!

…and by the way, we realise that the ‘formed at art school’ idea is a bit shaky, so please correct us on any of this!


The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR


For your pleasure

For your pleasure - Roxy Music

Roxy Music




Art School

Chosen via the vote for our Art School event For your pleasure went down well on the night. This is Roxy Music’s second album.

Tony introduced the album on ther night by evoking images of a glammed up 1970’s Brighton.

Let England Shake

Shake England Shake - PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey




Art School

We picked PJ Harvey for our Art School event, because she did go to one, but it’s a loose connection to the theme, but do we need an excusde to play a bit of Polly? This is her second Mercury Music Prize winning album, and we think it deserved it!

Pink Flag






Art School

We think we can put Wire fimly into the ‘Art School’ club of bands. This is their debut album, which has had a lot of praise and been a big influence on bands that followed. It’s been hard work tracking down a copy, so should be something that few people have heard all the way through.

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