Fanny Power!

February’s record club was delivered in style by the good people at Buffet.

They picked two cracking albums, and the rest of us chose Blondie’s Parallel Lines as the third album via online vote.

Another relaxed evening of good company, good music, and fine refreshments. The Buffet crew experimented with some visuals which looked impressive, and even with some new fangled technology (a mixer!).

About Buffet

Buffet is a supersonic disco.
We’re called Buffet cos we put on a nice spread, including music, formation dancing (with resident dance troupe The Bet Lynch Mob!) and cheese on sticks. You can listen to us on the radio via – we deliver an hour long show channelling the vibes of Cheggars Plays Pop with a dash of Calendar.



The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR


Last Splash

The Breeders - Last Splash

The Breeders



Maria‘s choice for the Feb 2012 club:

“I’ve always wanted the Deal twins to adopt me as their triplet. I was torn between choosing this and Pod, which boasts triple Goddess action with Tanya Donelly on lead guitar. However, Last Splash is a more obvious crowd pleaser and features the mosh-masterpiece Cannonball, as well as other brilliant songs that range from total noise pop to the fantastically angular and odd. The Deal sisters ROCK, and Kelley knits handbags – what more do you need?!”

Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines - Blondie




This was chosen as the third album for our Fanny Power event by quite a large majority, both online and in the room. It beat off competion from other great albums . Tracks from the contenders, PJ Harvey, Goldfrapp and Sister Sledge also got played!

The Kick Inside

The Kick Inside - Kate Bush

Kate Bush



Jenny Jet‘s choice for the Feb. 2012 club:

“When I was in Sixth Form all the boys had this album alongside Iron Maiden and The Clash (think it was something to do with the leotard-clad TOTP appearances) so I avoided it like the plague. But someone played it to me on my first day at Uni and was one of those amazing album moments when you know the world will look differently once the record finishes. She’s a complete musical genius and true maverick. Sensual World and The Dreaming are also great albums so it was hard to choose to be honest (the new album has its moments, but it also – sob – has Elton John…)”

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