Be my baby

With our partners off out to a 50’s event at the National Media Museum we had a little impromptu record club, and since we were left holding the baby, used that as the theme.

From the selection of records we brought along we listened to:

  • Another side of Bob Dylan
  • Phil Spector – 1958-1969 [Box set]
  • B.B. King – From the Beginning
  • Captain Beafheart – Spotlight Kid

…not necessarily in that order…


Another side of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan: Another side of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan



Surprisingly few Dylan fans in the room, so this was chosen as a gentle introduction for non-believers.

Back to Mono 1958-1969

Phil Spector: Back to Mono 1958-1969 [Box set]

Phil Spector




Be my baby

This is a box set that Dave picked up in his early 20’s, discovering the joy of the ‘wall of sound’.

From the beginning

B.B. King: From the beginning

B.B. King



Just a great album. Started the debate about double albums and box sets, so we only played one of the two discs.

The Spotlight Kid

Captain Beefheart: The Spotlight Kid

Captain Beefheart



An album to introduce others to the magic of Captain Beefheart?

Dave says: “I was really pleased to hear ‘Click Clack’, a track that I’ve come to love thanks to John Peel.”

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