Two out of Four

Double Albums have always been a bit of an issue for us. How do you fit them into an eveing of 3 albums?

So, when Bill came up with the idea of  ‘Two out of Four’ – that is 2 sides from the four sides you get with a double album, we thought “why not?”

Obvioulsy this was a ploy by Bill to get Zen Arcade bu Husker Du on  the playlist, but the other two albums went to the vote.

The event itself was nice and busy (we sold out of pakora). I think about half a dozen people brought their own vinyl along, and there were a lot of new faces. Great tunes added to the mix by Phil and Vic, so thanks to them.

Of course each of the albums only got half an outing so be sure to track them down and listen to the rest of it!

Check out photos of the event in the gallery


The Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate
BD18 3RR


In Rainbows

In Rainbows - Radiohead




Stretching the boundaries of what a double album might be, In Rainbows does come on two pieces of vinyl, but both are played at 45rpm. We played the first 2 sides, and them gave way fro some records the audience had brought along.

Young Team

Young Team - Mogwai




Mogwai’s first studio album.

This came first in our poll for the 2 out of 4 event, which featured double albums. We got to hear sides 3 and 4, and I’m sure a few people will be kean to check out the other 2 sides.

Zen Arcade

Zen Arcade - Hüsker Dü

Hüsker Dü



Bill came up with the two out of four theme idea, so it’s only fair that we get to play his choice. The mighty Hüsker Dü.