Charity Shop Finds – 24th September 2016


We’ve noticed at most of the Record Club events over these past… ooh 5 years or so, how few of the fantastic records played were acquired at a charity shop. A few years ago you couldn’t move in your local Oxfam for crates of unwanted Technotronic 12″ singles, Brothers in Arms albums, Marching Band boxsets and tatty Dance Party ’81* (*”does not feature original artists“) which might of course help to explain why we never….

… Hang on, what we mean to say is that it was high time we had a night devoted to crate digging your local charity shop and finding the weirdest, wonderfullest, most downright bonkers vinyl it has to offer. And paying them cash money for it (Gift Aid naturally). And then bringing it along to Record Club and playing it in front of everyone else, safe in the knowledge you’ve helped a local charity along the way.

With this being (we think) our 50th event, we thought it would be a good idea to extend the charity idea for the night and donate all our door proceeds to a local charity in Shipley. We have chosen Shipley’s award winning HALE Project, because of the great work they do to improve people’s health where there is the greatest need. Their dedicated work to achieve this through education, workshops, befriending and visiting have touched many lives, young and old in Shipley and beyond, and we are glad to be able to support them in our small way.

So, it’s all very simple. Spend a few quid in your local charity shop and bring some interesting choices. Then come to Record Club on 24th September at Shipley’s own mighty Kirkgate Centre, spend a few more quid to support HALE and have a really fun time hearing what everyone else has brought along. We’ll almost guarantee it’ll be weirder than what you’ve found! Probably. Oh and there’s the usual cash/card bar and possibly some interesting snacks.

We’ll see you at 8pm sharp (ish).


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