Desert Island Vinyl, 30th May 2015

Record Club Desert Island VinylDesert Island Vinyl is the theme for our May event. On Saturday May 30th we need six willing volunteers to take to the deck for 30 minutes each, sharing the records they would take with them to a Desert Island. Sound familiar? Maybe a bit. Here’s how to get involved…

If you fancy taking part then please get in touch with us through the many, many ways available to you. Either reply to this post, drop us a line via twitter (@therecordclub), facebook or email ( Places are limited and we already have a few volunteers who have offered to take a slot, so don’t be shy, get in touch soon.

We don’t hold this type of night often but they are great way to get involved without having to sort out a whole night. The challenge is keeping your final selections down to 30 minutes! For those attending, you hear a wide variety of music people feel passionate about and you’re guaranteed to come away having heard something new and amazing. Oh and there’s all the usual incentives of great company and a bar serving excellent drinks and pakoras. All for just £3 entry. Bargain! See you there.

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